The 2010 ING New York City Marathon

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"On a crisp Sunday morning, The 41st ING New York City Marathon drew thousands of runners from all walks of life.
They were prominent world athletes, unsung heroes, and every day people." Read more


Ge'ez Adorned

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Do you ever have a moment when you think about what would become of you if rebirth and reincarnation were doctrines we all live by?  Today I stumbled upon the works of Wosene Worke Kosrof and his beautiful works of art made me wish to be reborn with his skills.

Wosene uses the Ge'ez (Amharic) alphabet as the main element of his "word-play" art works. And it's amazing how the alphabets and words transcend their everday function to be transformed into contemporary fine art. What an inspiration it is, to look at his bold and visually stimulating pieces! I learned from his recent interview by The Reporter, he's getting ready for a grand exhibition at the National Theatre in Addis Ababa. Below are a few quotes from the interview and also selected images of his art works. Enjoy!


Life goes on like a circle which is punctuated by sadness, happiness and sorrow. That is where the power of words becomes apparent in the healing or in curing process, they play the main role in making us human being...

Words are like human beings to me. For more than four decades we lived together, sometimes we love each other, sometimes we hate each other. We have a relationship like human beings, sometimes they make me angry because I try to get their voices like I do it with other people...

Sometimes ignorance seems peaceful but it is a very dangerous thing. We should offer the youth the schooling they need starting from their foundation. It's good to know about a Kenyan painter or a Tanzanian weaver, we are connected in many ways...

When I do things the priority is my country. I am doing this by myself and it is a long path. Sometimes this makes you depressed and sad,

Art has many uses - to live in harmony, to know about our roots and identity - and I am a captive of those alphabets. I prefer to be true to myself and my identity. All the alphabets tell about the trials and tribulations of life we pass through as human beings...

More on Wosene |


Mesmerizing Night with Meklit

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Excerpts from TsehaiNY
"...Barefoot she walked towards the microphone adjusting it to accommodate her stature.  Once the microphone was set, she turned back glancing at the drummer, speaking to him wordlessly.  On cue the drummer softly began playing as she allowed the tunes to flow inside her body.  The beat took over as she began to move her hands, hips, and legs escaping into her zone.  She is ready.

In case someone in the audience was distracted-perhaps by a twitter update or a text message-and missed her entrance, there is no doubt the distraction ceased soon as she began to sing.  Her crisp, soulful voice filled the venue grabbing hold of the crowd’s attention.  Singing a love song in Portuguese, she took the crowd on a beautiful journey.  She controlled her voice with grace singing softly and then projecting it.  Once she was ready to come back down, she motioned to her drummer with her hands slowly descending.  The tunes eased and came to an end, and she slowly looked toward the audience before cracking a beautiful smile.  Coordinating with her band she grabbed her guitar and put her ‘game-face’ back on.  She is ready for another ride..."

Click here to read the whole review and learn more about her works here.