Source: Curbed

“an imposing, ethereal, jewel box

In a city where glass cladded buildings are springing at every corner,

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Source: Selamta – The Magazine of Ethiopian Airlines

Such a beautifully written article about the building that were built in

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Source: Architectural Digest

Ordinary floors are about to get some extraordinary help from a handful of top-tier architects. Frank Gehry,

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I read The Kite Runner back in 2008 and since then I have been in love and very much intrigued

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There are times when things just need to be explained using a spectacular Venn diagram. I made this

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How to Find Your Purpose and Do What You Love

by Maria Popova

Source: Brain Pickings

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Noticed this beautiful work of art on the subway this morning. Such a beautiful representation of the different array of

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The following text is from the architects Annette Spillmann/ Harald Echsle, Zurich


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Do you ever have a moment when you think about what would become of you if rebirth and reincarnation were doctrines we all live

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