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Excerpts from TsehaiNY
“…Barefoot she walked towards the microphone adjusting it to accommodate her stature.  Once the microphone was set, she turned back glancing at the drummer, speaking to him wordlessly.  On cue the drummer softly began playing as she allowed the tunes to flow inside her body.  The beat took over as she began to move her hands, hips, and legs escaping into her zone.  She is ready.

In case someone in the audience was distracted-perhaps by a twitter update or a text message-and missed her entrance, there is no doubt the distraction ceased soon as she began to sing.  Her crisp, soulful voice filled the venue grabbing hold of the crowd’s attention.  Singing a love song in Portuguese, she took the crowd on a beautiful journey.  She controlled her voice with grace singing softly and then projecting it.  Once she was ready to come back down, she motioned to her drummer with her hands slowly descending.  The tunes eased and came to an end, and she slowly looked toward the audience before cracking a beautiful smile.  Coordinating with her band she grabbed her guitar and put her ‘game-face’ back on.  She is ready for another ride…”

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